Heli Heikkinen – 2017



The works are rooted in vast cityscapes and urban spaces, which seemed to evolve into stages and scenes. At times, the world seemed to throw all its gravity into them, or shroud them like a thick fog, with little regard for my plans. Sometimes a work would look for its own way forward in a vast, sprawling space, with some lost forever.

I have had the need to seek out places of culture and trade in the western world, attempting to form an image of the world and the age I live in. Landscapes, whether natural or man-made, have their own history and depicting them is governed by age-old tradition, reflecting both inner and outer worlds. During the creative process, this body of knowledge is always present, but lines, marks, colours and different surfaces ultimately follow a logic all of their own. These realities all meet on canvas.

This exhibition brings together the things I want to express at this very moment. Even so, it is worth remembering that not even the creator of an image knows all that it has to say.

Artist’s CV

Heikkinen Heli